We believe in meaningful software

Odoo's smart software offers future-proof solutions for your business. Software that works for you instead of against you. At predictable cost and time, using Odoo we can automate your business processes.

Everything in one system, it will make you smile

Odoo offers a platform for business applications. Out of the box Odoo offers applications for the most common business processes, e.g. purchase, sales, stock management and accounting. Built on open-source technology Odoo's platform offers loads of possibilities to write your own applications, customise or extend existing apps. All applications work seamlessly together providing an optimal user experience. No multitude of software applications, but everything in one. Odoo offers a very cost effective solution: automation that optimises your business processes and helps your business grow.

Limitless possibilities

Odoo provides out-of-the-box a lot of business applications that optimise your processes. These applications can be turned on or off based on your specific needs.

  • Sales, CRM & Point-of-Sales
  • Inventory, MRP & purchase
  • Accounting & invoicing
  • Website & e-commerce
  • E-mail marketing & marketing automation
  • Projects, timesheets & helpdesk

Our services

Seamless collaboration
Our way of working is forward and clear: we offer several services to automate your business processes. Curious to what we can offer your business?

Automation: the key to success

Transition from unstructured processes to a powerful platform that completely automates your business processes.

Specific solutions for specific needs

A platform with custom solutions for all your specific needs. Software that just works for your business and helps you grow.

Robust integrations with smart interfaces

Seamlessly integrate your Odoo system with other systems by creating smart interfaces that support your process.

Smooth migration to powerful software

Transition from your current IT-system to up-to-date integrated software.

Compare Odoo ecommerce

Download the whitepaper to compare Odoo to competitors in the market in terms of e-commerce capabilities. 

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